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  • Image of BDL Pendant
  • Image of BDL Pendant
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Limited edition pendants.

Each pendant is unique, comprising of it’s own number so no other pendant will share your number. Exclusive and excellent handcrafted jewellery, the design and mould was all made in-house from scratch!

All pendants come with a 24" chain (as pictured) and gift box. They also come with a BDL care package so please ensure you add your t-shirt size in the message box when you place your order or you will be sent a random size.

Weight - 28 g
Length - 6.5cm
Width - 3.5cm

Sterling Silver with White Gold Rhodium Finish
VVS lab made Diamonds (Cubic Zirconia)

All pendants have been finished to the highest standard with a solid silver interior. We guarantee that this product does not contain nickel and that only class A cubic zirconia laboratory diamonds that have been specifically picked. Every pendant has been put through a thorough quality control and assurance regimen to only deliver excellence to our soldiers.

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